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Thread Milling Basics


  • Consistent, predictable production even in exotic and hardened materials up to 62 Rc
  • Control thread size to within 0.0001
  • Solid carbide thread mills are available to produce threads as small as #2-56
  • Full threads to within one pitch of a shoulder or bottom of a hole
  • Will produce 100% of the thread form
  • Superior flank finish and thread quality
  • Can produce right or left hand threads, either external or internal, with the same tool
  • The same thread mill will produce single or multiple lead threads
  • Minimal horsepower requirements even on coarse pitch threads

When to consider thread milling:

  • Machining 300 series stainless steel
  • Threading inconel, hasteloy, monel, high temp alloys or hardened materials
  • Tapping pipe threads
  • Having parts rejected due to thread form or pitch diameter out of tolerance
  • Hardened materials over 62 Rc
  • Tapping for helical coiled inserts
  • Full threads required close to shoulders or bottom of hole
  • Thread specifications require special taps
  • Producing Identical ID and OD on same machine