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Through trusted brands such as Binks, BGK, DeVilbiss, Ransburg, Gema, Global Finishing Solutions (GFS), Graco, and more, Erie Industrial Supply is the go to distributor for all products finishing tools and accessories. From low and high pressure paint sprayers, to powder coating equipment, to air brushing kits, to the physical installation of paint booths made custom for your facility, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Erie Industrial Supply is here to serve and share our knowledge to make life easier for you.

Products finishing can be a tricky, and messy, business. Because of this, we want to make sure you are fully outfitted with all of the tools, gear, and accessories needed to get the job done right the first time. We offer all the air and fluid accessories needed such as agitators, fittings, gauges, hoses, pressure tanks, and more combined with all the floor paper, anti-static wipes, paint suits, tank liners and strainers needed to ensure a professional operation. And when it comes to spray guns, look no further as we distribute both manual and automatic spray guns in a variety of models. From air atomizing to air-assisted airless and HVLP spray guns, we have it all! Not sure which one you need for the expected volume of your business? Give one of our products finishing experts a call today to answer any questions and get working faster!

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