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We Install, Manage, and Service VMI Systems

From installation to maintenance, Erie Industrial Supply is a pioneer in vendor managed inventory systems, otherwise known as VMI. These types of systems help streamline business operations by having employees enter codes into industrial vending machines to access certain tools and supplies used for operations. Clients love it because they are only charged for what they use, and receive automatic updates when supplies start running low. This helps keep costs low, inventories stocked, and allows management to better track all the supplies that are needed to be used for general operations.

After setup, daily reports are available to not only measure which supplies are being used, but can help measure efficiency of individual employees by assigning each one a unique code to use in order to access supplies. Erie Industrial Supply clients have noticed a 20-40% tooling cost savings using VMI systems. We also service VMI machines to help ensure operations never go down. From point of use vending machines to a complete integrated tool management system, contact one of our professional staff members to learn how we can start saving your business money overnight.

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